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We are the New Water and Sewer company, but we have been around for many years. Our company strives to provide all of our customers with efficient, affordable and reliable water and sewer service. We have a dedicated team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone and email for customer service and support, as well as a fleet of emergency technicians when those situations arise. Learn in-depth about GPS standards and best GPS trackers 2017.

Customer Service:

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact New Water and Sewer, take a moment and see if your question or concern about ESN checker is listed in our Frequently Asked Question list!

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Emergency Contact

For emergency Use Only to report a water or sewer leak, breakage, or loss of service. Check is adobe flash installed.

View your Water Quality Report:

We strive to keep our customers informed on the quality of their drinking water. We release annual reports on water quality, but you can also enter your zip code and receive an average summary of the drinking water provided to your area, courtesy of free sports streaming sites.

Log into My Account:

New Water and Sewer uses an online customer portal to process payments electronically. You can also sign up for paperless billing, and receive many other benefits through your customer portal. You can receive customized usage reports, one-on-one support about your bill and much more!

You can also sign up for mobile alerts with an email or mobile phone number. Under Alerts, you will be notified in the manner you choose about disruptions in service, emergency alerts with regards to drinking water quality, planned outages and upgrades, and more.

Water and Sewage rates:

At New Water and Sewer, we strive to be competitive while still providing top notch service to our residential and business customers. Therefore, our rates are already quite low. If you find yourself in a hardship, you are welcome to view our tips on reducing water consumption. You may also file an appeal for hardship rate reduction by reading over the policy and procedures here.

Special Winter Alert! Avoid Frozen Pipes!

Winter is the worst time to be a water pipe. Many homes in the continental United States have kitchen sinks plumbed facing an exterior wall. This can cause freezing and bursting pipes, which can lead to an expensive repair bill. Please take a moment to review our "Preventing Frozen Pipes" tips below:

1.) Keep your thermostat set as you normally would.

Some customers reduce the temperature in their place of residence during the day while no one is home. Doing so may increase the chance that pipes could freeze due to not activity in the pipes and reduced temperature in the space. If no one will be using water while the house is empty, consider leaving the thermostat where it is. A slightly higher heating bill is probably still cheaper than repairing busted pipes and potential water damage.

2.) Open under sink cabinet doors.

Keeping under sink cabinet doors open can increase warm air flow to the pipes and can, in most cases, significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of freezing or bursting in all but the most frigid of climates.

3.) Let the faucet trickle.

Considering opening both hot and cold pipes to allow a small trickle of water to flow from the faucet overnight, or continually when temperatures are significantly colder than normal. The movement of water through the pipes, combined with the other tips in this guide, can significantly reduce the chance of frozen pipes.

Reminder: NEVER apply open flame to heat frozen pipes. You could cause more damage to the pipe this way, and may end up inadvertently rupturing it.